Biore Rose Quartz + Charcoal Gentle Pore Refining Scrub 4 oz

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Get Dirt Out, Pore Love In.

Introducing new Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Gentle Pore Refining Scrub. Infused with micro-crystals (that’s fancy for exfoliants), this innovative polisher deep cleans by drawing out oil and washing away dirt leaving pores smooth, visibly smaller and oh-so loved. Exfoliate and purify your pores while adding some self-love, to radiate energy & happiness. Love your Pores, Love Yourself.


With Natural Charcoal, known for its ability to draw out impurities and trap them

Infused with Rose Quartz, the love crystal, radiates self-love and care

Dermatologist tested


Non-Comedogenic (won`t clog pores)