Tips to save mobile data

• Wi-Fi use
We would say this is the #1 way to save mobile data. Wherever wi-fi is availble be sure to use it, whether at work, home or even some public places, most times the connection is FREE!

•App updates
Disable automatic app updates in Play Store, this will help save you mobile data.

Go to Play Store and tap on Menu>>Settings >>Auto-update apps. Make sure that you select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

• Data Saver
Turn on the data saver, on your cell phone. This will turn off image previews, and turn off autoplay completely. This will save mobile data.

Android settings --> connections --> data usage --> data saver --> on

• Browser versions
When broswering websites try to use the mobile versions instead of the desktop versions.
Try using a browser like Opera Mini (Android, iOS), it’s designed to compress data and reduce your data usage when browsing.

You can also compress data usage on chrome.
To use data compression, open Chrome, tap on the 3 dot menu on the top right corner, tap on Settings and scroll down to Data Saver. Then you can tap on the top right corner to toggle Data Saver on.